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Welcome to Jeypore.net. It’s our humble attempt to put Jeypore in Global map by promoting tourism, positive work happening in Jeypore and Koraput district.

Jeypore.net platform will help you finding out all the services available in Jeypore and nearby areas so that you can easily avail the services with out any hassle. Please browse through the website to find out anything and everything that you need.

Let’s build jeypore.net together. Let’s get every small business, entrepreneur, idea to have platform to showcase their skills. Lets build a great Jeypore!

If you know anyone who provides good service then please encourage them to add their details on jeypore.net which will help them getting more business at the same time will help people of Jeypore to get good service!

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Biswanath Rath is a famous film maker hailing from Jeypore…have a look at some of his brilliant work..

Read Biswanath’s thoughts on jeypore.net – Jeypore can once again become ‘the city of victory’

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