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JoyPure Farm

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About Jeypore Farm

The company will carry Integrated Farming business. One of the main activity will be Dairy Farm, and other activity will be Mango Top. Our company will be involved in producing and selling Dairy Product such as Milk, Curd, Paneer, Ghee, Butter etc… Under the brand name “KHIRA”…

The company will also involve in other activities like-trading of cattle feed, hire/ purchase of agriculture land for green fodder cultivation, breeding centres, mobile veterinary centres, sell & purchase of highly milk yielding cattle’s etc


Raw milk refers to unprocessed, untreated milk straight from the cow. The milk you buy from the local supermarket nowadays is a different substance altogether. It has been pasteurized, ultra-pasteurized, or homogenized. Milk is forced through hot plates to heat it rapidly to a temperature of 75°C. It is then forced through ice cold plates to cool it rapidly to 4°C. This can kill off some harmful bacteria but also kills most of the good bacteria and lactase enzymes. This liquid is not really milk. It is a chemically altered substance, heated to remove pathogens and bacteria and to prolong its shelf life.

The resultant low-enzyme activity makes it difficult to digest, the altered fat content renders the vitamins and minerals difficult to absorb, and the residual drugs and antibiotics pose a threat to human health. On top of this, the naturally occurring beneficial bacteria have been destroyed. Raw milk from healthy, grass-fed, and pasture-raised cows is in a league of its own. Organically raised cows are happy, fed on their natural diet of grass and other cow-friendly foods.

Raw milk is an incredibly complex whole food, complete with digestive enzymes and its own antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-parasitic mechanisms conveniently built into a neat package. It is chock-full of both fat and water-soluble vitamins, a wide range of minerals and trace elements, all eight essential amino acids, more than 60 enzymes, and CLA-an omega-6 fatty acid with impressive effects on everything from insulin resistance to cancer to cardiovascular disease. Raw milk is delicious medicine.

Q Milk Products

Desi Milk
Milk with Honey
Milk with turmeric

Q Other Products

Chocolate Milk
Kesar Badam Elichi Milk

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